Industrial Montaj is an entirely Romanian privately owned company, with proven experience since 1991 in the fabrication, mounting, repair and overhauling operations in the petrochemical (mainly in refineries), energetic, chemical, as well as in the civil engineering, food processing and cosmetics fields. 

  “The high quality of the execution and the client’s satisfaction are our commitments.”

The corporate values are envisaged by the company’s dynamics, reflected in efficient communication and work effectiveness, corroborated with a continuous updating of technical competences and our endeavour to invest in both our staff and in the specific means, machines and equipment prerequisite for the scope of our activity.

Our keen interest to fully understand the client’s requirements is paramount in order to successfully meet our business partners’ expectations regarding the work quality standards, the efficient communication channels and concern for the employees’ health and safety. Together we consider the most effective technical solutions to the issues concerning design and costs.

The principles enforced by our company focus on the optimization of the allotted resources management, the strict observation of the technical specifications in both fabrication and mounting processes, of the budget and contractual deadlines, further investing in people and technology, improving our employees’ morale and honouring the promises made to our clients.

The board of Industrial Montaj are fully committed to:

  • Satisfy the clients’ and all the involved parties’ requirements, continuously improve the performances and efficiency of the HSEQ Management System (Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety);
  • Set and analyze the HSEQ goals and targets in management activity reports as often as required;
  • Present and make available the “Company Policies” to all the employees working under the company’s supervision or on behalf of the company, to the services’, materials’ and works’ contractors, to the suppliers, the clients, the business partners, to all involved parties, to the public;
  • Periodically analyze the “Company Policies” and ensure they remain relevant and appropriate for the company;
  • Ensure the employees’ health, to prevent occupational accidents and illnesses, while overseeing the installations’ and equipment’s integrity and safety in accordance to the level of the identified risks;
  • Be pro-active in enforcing, observing and conforming to any other requirements that the company subscribes to, taking into account the legal provisions concerning the environment and the OHSAS
  • Prevent pollution and diminish the impact of pollution agents, products and services on the environment, and maintain it within the bound limits;
  • Ensure that the “Company Policies” are well documented, implemented, maintained within the HSEQ;

In order to maintain the HSEQ certification, we have delegated the “HSEQ Representative” with responsibilities and the authority to the ensure the HSEQ compliance to the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 and SR EN ISO 14001: 2005 Quality Management System, of the Environment Management System, and of the Health and Safety Management System.



ing. Nicolae VASILACHE


Guillaume LEURENT