Erection & Lifting operation

Erection & Lifting operation

Equipment erection is one of the most appreciated activities by our customers. As a core part of our company, the assembling department encompasses six main directions:

  • Designing the special erection/mounting devices according to the activities to be performed
  • Identifying the best handling solutions depending on the site restrictions: erection/mounting solutions, transportation, choosing the best route.
  • The calculation and design of methodology for erection equipment.
  • The preparation and the planning of the operations
    • Our project teams provide detailed planning, erection procedures, identification of the risk factors and the possible action plans (simulations).
  • Completing the erection/assembling operations employing our own teams.
    • Our highly competent and experienced employees are qualified to manage mounting and assembling operations in safe conditions thanks to our control planning, especially designed for each individual operation (the control plan, equipment check-up – method of statement)
  • The management of oversize transportation

Our professionalism and experience enable us to offer a full range of services, precise and perfectly adapted to our clients’ requirements. Our assembling / mounting department benefits from great flexibility in terms of resources, proposals and solutions. We are capable of successfully dealing with the handling and installing of equipment such as:

  • reactors
  • furnaces
  • skids
  • reservoirs / tanks
  • assembly lines
  • presses
  • heat exchanger
  • columns / funnels, etc…
  • industry transfer/plant relocation

Analysis, planning, completion, control are key terms for the success of the assembling / mounting operations.