Piping & skidding

Piping & skidding

Close to our main activity of industrial installations periodical overhauling, pipe prefabrication and assembling lies at the centre of our business focus.

In this specific field of activity, which requires the compliance with numerous procedures, Industrial Montaj has devised its teams as to develop our competences in order to always satisfy our clients.

In this respect, our welding teams have undergone the specific certification, including the compliance with our traceability procedures.

Moreover, our specialized teams assigned to this department are fully qualified to meet your needs through:

  • Prefabrication in our own workshops (white + carbon)
  • Assembling on construction sites
  • mobilization and installation of the prefabrication workshop directly on the construction site.
  • skid construction

Be it stainless steel, alloys, carbon steel, our intervention complies with the required EN/ASME code for the following types of fluids:

  • Gas
  • Utilities’ lines (air, water, steam, hot water, nitrogen, treated water, etc)
  • Process lines (liquid, powder)
  • Hydraulic lines
  • Oil/Gas (pig lines, jacketed pipes)

Our flexible and adaptable organizational chart, similar to our quality department, is able to identify solutions to your most exigent demands concerning:

  • Traceability: the administration of the materials’ quality certificates
  • the Quality control: thermal treatment - non-intrusive control
  • Project Management: Prefabrication reporting progress – planning in Primavera software

Additionally by using to our infrastructure, we can carry out:

  • sand blasting & painting while in the process of prefabrication